Is new construction in your future?

Now is the time to locate the perfect acreage or lot for your new home.  Spring is traditionally the time when new home construction begins.

Location, Location.... There are some very important things to consider when choosing the perfect building site.  How are the views?  Are you looking at the river, a valley or someones graveyard of cars? Does the property have reasonable access or can it be improved?  Does it have a recorded easement to access the property or is there an easement through the property to someone else's home?

Not only is it important to buy the property for a fair price, but there are some things to keep in mind that can quickly add to the cost. How is the water in the area?  Water is very valuable now days and a good well is important.  Check with the local water professionals to see what wells in the area are producing and how deep they run .  How far will it be to get power?  Our local power provider can give you a quote for installation.  Is there a survey of the property?  Property is sold by legal description and the only way to know where those lines are is to have a current survey.  Are there any protective covenants?  Covenants are rules that run with the land.  Covenants are developed to protect the neighborhood by setting expectations of what the neighborhood will allow and not allow.  Some covenants do not allow for manufactured homes, so if you are planning to purchase a new manufactured home make sure the land you choose will allow it.

Buying the perfect building parcel is not only exciting, but a big investment in your future.  Using a qualified real estate advisor will help you to choose the perfect land and make sure your concerns and questions are answered.  We are very lucky to have plenty of undeveloped land and a very beautiful area to live in.